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Download GoIV 3.2.0 APK for Android

You are about to download & install GoIV 3.2.0 apk file for android . Download .apk file below & install the GoIV 3.2.0 apk file in your android phone.

  • Major battery improvements: The screen scanning logic will now only activate
    after you touch the screen
    . So instead of scanning every 750 milliseconds, it
    will only scan a couple of times with a short delay when you touch the screen.
    If you tap it too fast, it’ll wait for you to be done tapping before scanning.
    So, gym fights should cause zero scanning.Hence:
    Tap the screen once if the IV button doesn’t show up when it should.
  • More appraisal narrowing: You can now use all the information given by the
    team leader to narrow down the the iv possibilities for your pokemon. You’ll
    have to choose your team in the app start screen to get the right phrases to
    pick from. When you expand the appraisal box now, the overlay will move to the
    top of your screen so that you can click the appraisal info while the overlay
    is active.
  • Easier to correct pokemon scan: Identified pokemon dropdown only shows
    evolution line as identified from candy If evolution line is wrongly
    identified, can search for the pokemon with keyboard.
  • UI improvement for level slider in evolution and powerup result box: There’s
    now a yellow background to show the limit of where your current trainer is too
    low to level up your pokemon.
  • Notification actions: Now GoIV can be stopped from the notification itself.

Quality of life changes

  • Updated translation strings
  • Cleaner scan error handling: If a scan error occurs, the field will be left
    blank to make it easier for you to see and deal with.
  • Full IV possibilities list is now sorted by perfection %
  • “Show all IV combinations” hidden if no / too many IV combinations.


  • Screenshot mode should now work on most (all?) devices!
  • Fix crash on levels 39/40.
  • Overlay moves up when you input stuff.
  • Crashfixes on some OCR error scans.
  • Refine by power up appears correctly when pokemon is evolved.
  • And more.

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