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Disclaimer: PokeMap is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo in any way.

Looking for a specific one but can’t find it? Or just caught an amazing one and want to share it’s location with your friends? Then PokeMap is just what you need! PokeMap relies on the amazing community to report these creatures using the app. As soon as someone presses report the creature’s location will be instantly available to everyone using PokeMap. This way we can find the most amazing ones together!

In addition it includes an egg guide, so you can find out which critter can hatch out of which (2km/5km/10km) egg and what it’s potential max CP is. Finally there is an evolve or evolution calculator so you can get an estimate of the CP that the evolved monster will have!

This app was built by people who grew up with, and love these little critters and was made to support those catching them around the globe. However if we violated any copyrights somewhere. Please let us know and we will remove it as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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