Toolkit for Pokémon Go, Toolkit for Pokémon Go Apk

Toolkit for Pokémon Go APK:
Disclaimer: Toolkit for Pokémon Go is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Pokemon Go brand, Niantic or Nintendo in any way.

This toolkit app helps you to become the best possible trainer by offering the following amazing features:
– Community Based Nest Map
– Evolve Estimation Calculator
– Egg Guide
– IV Calculator
– Dex with lots of info! (Max CP, Stats, Attacks, DPS, Evolutions)

Community Based Nest Map.
Using this map you and your fellow trainers can report and discover Pokémon nests. If certain species tend to spawn in the same park reports them so that other players can find and catch them as well!

Evolve Estimation Calculator.
Use this tool to get a quick estimate of the strength of a Pokémon after you evolve it!

Egg Guide.
Figure out which Pokémon hatch from which egg type and see what CP they should hatch with to have a 100% perfect IV.

IV Calculator.
Want to make sure your Pokémon is the absolute best? Use the IV calculator to figure out it’s individual values and discover it’s hidden potentials! Also use this tool to calculate exactly how many candy and stardust it would cost to get it up to it’s potential max CP!

The dex contains all the info about all the Pokémon in the game you could be interested in. Find out the max CP, what attacks it can have and the DPS of these attacks. Whatever you need, it’s in here!

This app was built by people who grew up with, and love these little critters and was made to support those catching them around the globe. However if we violated any copyrights somewhere. Please let us know and we will remove it as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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