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Viper4Android is a free and an advanced sound equalizer/audio effects booster for android devices and works with root access only. It’s the most awesome sound equalizer you’ve ever experienced before. Viper4Android provides all types of customizations to make the sound suitable to your needs. If you’re a music lover and have a rooted device than Viper4Android is recommended.


1- Viper DDC: Enjoy HiFi sound on your headphones.
2- Spectrum Extension: Make sounds lossless with enhanced frequencies.
3- Speaker Optimization.
4- Channel Pan.
5- Differential surround sound effects.
6- Viper Clarity: With balance between high bass & treble, a sound clarity you’ve never heard before!
7- Viper Bass: With different bass modes, you can have bass experience that you never had before!
8- Headphone Surround (VHS+): Great surround technology.
9- Auditory System Protection (Cute Tech+).
10- Convolver.
11- FX Compatibility Mode that supports many music players.
12- Dynamic Bass System: creates a dynamic effect in bass.
13- Sound Gain Control.
14- FireEqualizer: 10-band equalizer.
& lot more!

Size: 2.54MB
Current Version:
Requires Android: 4.0 & up.


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