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Yellow battery is a battery-saving app the newly designed by world leading Android development team. It helps optimize you battery to last longer and extend its usage by 50% more for your phone. With Yellow Battery’s smart management of phone status and apps, extending battery usage and battery life is at your hands easily!
►Battery main page

With optimized algorithm in support, the app will quickly display standby time and analyze battery usage time under various tasks, giving user an accurate estimation of how you can use your phone (Calling, watching videos, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on or off, etc.) with the amount of time needed.
►Mode Switch

Choose pre-set mode (like with Wi-Fi on or not) to help save your battery power in the long run. You can also customize battery mode when needed.
►One Tap Optimization

Fast optimization to save power easily and responsively. The function can offer you a fast relief during high power consumption time so that you can quickly go back to your work without worrying too much about battery usage.
►Super Optimization

Deep optimization to save power, it is more effective than one tap optimization and the effect lasts longer.
►Usage Details

The app will analyze battery change through time and display power-consuming apps by ranking. You can always monitor your battery usage with time record and kill unnecessary apps running in background and consuming extra battery power.
►Battery Information

The function will gather all related information about your phone battery and make the info listed together in one page for you to have a quick overview of your battery’s property (capacity, technology etc.).
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